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As the weather warms up and we start thinking in terms of lighter cuisine featuring fresh seasonal produce, we invite you to try any of the super spring salads listed on the menu or served as frequently featured menu specials. Two of our favorites are the Cocomero, watermelon salad with arugula,frisee and ricotta salata (pictured above), or Fave e Pecorino,fava beans, pecorino,arugula and thinly sliced artichokes.Yum.

Recipes From Morso’s Kitchen


Why not try one of our summer dishes in the comfort of your own home? This pasta dish is accompanied by ramps, string beans, pancetta and topped with light pesto sauce. Follow the link below for the full recipe to enjoy this Morso favorite at your leisure.



While the Terrace has not officially opened for the season, you may have noted that on warm, balmy evenings many of our customers have chosen to dine outside. It is our pleasure to serve lunch and dinner on the Terrace as long as the weather permits, and keep checking back here for more news of the official opening.